Solanax — Meeting the Minds behind the Project

Crypto has been rapidly progressing in the field of decentralized finance and one of the major factors pushing the growth is the number of academics and bright minds dedicated to bringing innovation in the blockchain finance sector. Solanax is an emerging project in the said field which aims to eliminate all the intermediaries in the process of swapping tokens by making a fast, secure, and low cost experience in a decentralized exchange.

Team Solanax:

The project consists of a young group of youthful and highly qualified entrepreneurs which are serving as the backbone of Solanax. The pieces of the puzzle that make one whole are listed below:

Arvydas Kublickas, founder and CEO of the project, is a Software developer with a thorough understanding of risk, compliance, and blockchain ecosystem, his drive for crypto enticed him back to finance, and hence, motivated him to pursue his idea.

Mindaugas Butkus serves as the co-founder and CTO of Solanax. Prior to moving to the cryptocurrency space, Mindaugas worked for more than 7 years as a software developer. His passion for blockchain engineering led him to discover his enthusiasm for crypto.

Matas Balnaitis is the Head of Sales, whose strategic information and administration abilities are supported by 4 years in coordinating elite groups and applying vital business planning to further revenue growth.

Gabriele Juknyte is a customer service powerhouse at Solanax. Her communication skills as well as her 5 years of experience as a customer service representative and translator, make her a perfect fit in the whole system. Her ties as a CoinMakes (A crypto finance platform) associate put all of the customer service representatives in a proficient position.

UI/UX Designer Eleonora Morkūnaitė is the mind behind the radical design choices for Solanax. Her background in the industry stems from three years at Vilnius University of Arts where she earned a bachelor’s degree and freelanced for a variety of projects.

Solanax’s CMO, Richard Olamijulo, Implementing best practices in internet marketing and sales may help businesses thrive, worked with CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of Sales and Marketing to adapt their marketing and sales strategies to the current customer journey.

Monika Veiverytė HR, a Senior Professional in Human Resources, has worked in a variety of human resources roles, including recruiting, employee training, incentives, benefits, and payroll. Having a wealth of expertise in developing, implementing, and conducting leadership development programs, she has a track record of establishing collaborative environments and executing change to achieve worker excellence.

The proverb, “A team is only as strong as its weakest link”, works hugely in favor of the team as it is filled with people with experience, knowledge, and grit. The quick-learning team members are persistently challenging themselves to ensure the growth and sustenance of Solanax.