A Look Back at 2021 & What’s Ahead in 2022

4 min readJan 10, 2022

Greetings SOLDiers, we hope you’re all well.

As we leave 2021 behind and take a fresh step into 2022, we thought it would be opportune to reflect on what Solanax has accomplished in the past year. We’ll also discuss what the future holds for us — because there are exciting developments ahead.

No point in wasting any more time. Let’s take a look back — and then a look forward.

2021 at Solanax: A Quick Recap

Our project officially launched in Q2 2021. We started big, bold and strong, as is obvious from our first blog article — where we set out our mission to be the fastest DEX powered by Solana. In our second blog post, we explained the technical side of the story, specifically the current issues in crypto and the solutions that Solanax can offer.

On June 28, our private token sale began. It was an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) on ExMarkets. The sale consisted of three rounds, with round one having the lowest price per token. The sale ended on July 16th, and was an amazing success.

Following the private sale, we continued working hard to develop the platform and build project awareness through marketing campaigns.

August was a particularly big month for us:

  • August 7: We got officially listed on ExMarkets and our users could begin staking.
  • August 13: We got listed on Coingecko.
  • August 16: The SOL/SOLD trading pair launched on ExMarkets.
  • August 18: We got listed on Coinmarketcap.
  • August 20: We held our first AMA.
  • August 31: Staking pools basically filled up and we reached 10k Twitter followers.

Throughout Q3 and Q4, we posted informative articles and offered sneak peeks and demos of our platform. Also importantly, we continued to build our DEX. Specifically, we’ve focused on developing our Wormhole Bridge. If you wish to read more about it, check out this blog post.

On September 23rd, we got listed on Raydium in another boost to project growth. On November 17th, we held our second AMA, the recap of which you can read here. We also held a Christmas Contest where we asked our community to share their craziest crypto stories (that was a ton of fun!).

Most significantly, we launched the Solanax platform demo in Q4. Now, our community to test out our DEX and provide us feedback. The demo launch represented a critical step towards a fully live platform.

A Look Ahead at 2022: The Platform Will Go Live!

Speaking of our platform’s demo, we previously announced that the platform would go live in December 2021. However, we’ve encountered some bugs, and we must address those first before launching the platform. The extra time spent fixing bugs and stress testing the platform will benefit Solanax and our users over the long run.

Even though we couldn’t deliver by December, rest assured we’re still committed to delivering a working product as soon as possible. We just want to ensure the security and efficiency of our DEX before we go live.

As of now, we aim to go fully live in February 2022. In the meantime, we kindly ask our community to be understanding and supportive. Stay tuned to our social channels for the latest updates, and feel free to reach out with any questions or feedback.

Once we go live, we’ll begin work on adding currency pairs, cross-chain interoperability, and advanced features, such as capabilities for establishing stop losses and profit-taking levels.

Indeed, exciting times are ahead at Solanax.

About Solanax

Solanax is a Solana-based automated market maker (AMM) exchange providing lightning-fast trades, pooled liquidity, and other income-generating features. Solana was chosen as the underlying blockchain to facilitate low-cost, high-speed transactions. It is a permissionless, high-performance blockchain based on the Proof of History consensus (PoH).

Given the advantages that Solana offers when compared to other blockchain ecosystems, it is a popular solution among investors, users, and developers. Ethereum’s Proof of Work Consensus is slow, hard to scale, and comes with high gas fees which were exacerbated by its account-based system. Where Ethereum has failed to live up to the community expe, Solana quickly proves to be a viable alternative.

Solanax will utilize the cross-bridge Wormhole to connect to projects and digital assets existing on the Ethereum blockchain, facilitating adoption and allowing the crypto community to seamlessly move tokenized assets from one blockchain to another, improving interoperability and liquidity setup.

It is faster and cheaper; Solanax offers on-chain liquidity; traders will have more control over their trading activities; an integration of Wormhole for fusion with tokenized assets on the Ethereum blockchain, and much more.

For more details on the project at the forefront of the DeFi evolution, visit:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Whitepaper




A decentralized and non-custodial automated liquidity mechanism supporting trades within the Solana ecosystem.