Solanax is one of the most anticipated projects of this year and recently had been in the news for their private sale, partnership with ExMarkets, and their IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) launch on ExMarkets on 28 Jun. Now Solanax has partnered up with ‘The Astronaut’, a group of long-term & experienced crypto investors. Solanax is the fastest Cross-Chain DEX (Decentralised Exchange) for Decentralised Finance (DeFi) and is built on the Solana blockchain (the fastest blockchain in the world). The Solanax project is focused on eliminating centralized intermediaries and solving the fund liquidity issues.

Why Should You Invest In Solanax IEO?

Crypto has been rapidly progressing in the field of decentralized finance and one of the major factors pushing the growth is the number of academics and bright minds dedicated to bringing innovation in the blockchain finance sector. Solanax is an emerging project in the said field which aims to eliminate all the intermediaries in the process of swapping tokens by making a fast, secure, and low cost experience in a decentralized exchange.

Team Solanax:

The project consists of a young group of youthful and highly qualified entrepreneurs which are serving as the backbone of Solanax. …

Solanax, a Solana-based DeFi protocol, is currently conducting a private token sale that ends on the 25th of June. They are also aiming to proceed with an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) that is set to commence on the 28th of June.

Solanax went live recently with their automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized exchange (DEX) platform on the Solana Blockchain. Regarding the launch, the team said, “SOLANAX is attempting to eliminate centralized intermediaries and pave the way for full decentralization, censorship-resistant, and safe trading within the Solana ecosystem and beyond”

Introducing Solanax

Solanax is a decentralized exchange built on top of the Solana blockchain that leverages the exciting features of the fastest-growing blockchain. The project resolves a long-standing problem with scalability and transaction throughput in DEXes, driving the adoption of DeFi products and services.

Solanax also allows peers on the Solana…

The DeFi sector has undergone somewhat of a boom over the last years. The advancement in blockchain technology and a global distrust of the traditional banking system, has meant that the Decentralized Finance sector, according to Statista, had more than $80 billion of crypto locked in during May 2021, a sizeable leap from the $15 billion locked in as of December 2020, just six months ago.

It is no coincidence that as crypto boomed so has DeFi. …

The exponential growth of DeFi over the last few years has undoubtedly been a positive and helped fuel the boom in crypto adoption and acceptance.

Just a few years ago, the crypto community battled with the problem faced by centralized exchanges. Having any sort of custodian in charge of a trustless cryptocurrency on an exchange made it vulnerable to exactly the same sort of risks and threats faced by traditional currency that passes through our online banking and trading — hacking, human error, social engineering, etc. …

Fastest DEX on Solana offers ultra-fast transactions at extremely low fees thanks to Solanax Speed, along with the lack of fancy tools for traders! When investing in cryptocurrencies, the asset should have an excellent track record in case there is ever any fund liquidation issue.

Solana’s creation was supported by Multicoin Capital and Foundation Capital, with an upstart of $25 million. Some of the most experienced programmers at Google, Dropbox, and Intel were behind the holistic planning. …


A decentralized and non-custodial automated liquidity mechanism supporting trades within the Solana ecosystem.

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